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“I've been looking for a dietitian with experience in fertility for a while and I am so glad I found Alex. She is extremely knowledgeable in both general nutrition and fertility specific advice, but also kind and understanding of personal circumstances that might impact our diet. She thoroughly reviewed my food diary and provided advice tailored to my needs. After the appointment, I soon received a lot of supporting information and resources to put her teaching into practice and she already found the answer to a question I had during the call - amazing! Alex is also very quick to respond to emails which is extremely helpful when going through a diet change. I cannot recommend Alex highly enough”

“My husband and I have been trying various diet plans, none of which we found very helpful. I came across Alex during my fertility treatment and we are so glad we found her. Alex is very knowledgeable in both general nutrition and fertility specific advice. In addition, she has a good understanding of our personal lifestyle and how it might impact our diet. She has demonstrated patience and attention to details in analysing our food diaries and provided customised advice. Soon after the consultation I received all of the supporting information and resources to guide us into prepping our weekly meals. We would highly recommend Alex!”

"Alex is professional, well-prepared, knowledgeable and easy to talk to. As part of her consultations, Alex asked me to complete food diaries for three days. She analysed these diaries and concluded that I was eating high levels of salt. Alex advised me what I should to do to reduce these high salt levels. After following her advice, we reduced my salt intake levels by 50% over a three-month period. I think this is a significant achievement. Thank you, Alex!"

" Thank you so much, you've honestly been so helpful and I've noticed a lot of differences in my thought processes around food which is amazing."

"I found Alex very knowledgeable, thorough, dedicated and understanding. Her attention to detail is amazing. Even before our first consultation Alex researched my medical history and medications down to the minutest detail. She spent lots of time before and after each consultation to provide me with all the help I needed to change my habits and lose weight. I can thoroughly recommend her services."

"Alex was able to give me informative dietary advice for me to follow during and after treatment for breast cancer, with the advice particularly focused on diet and lifestyle and its effects on hormones. I found the verbal consultation a great opportunity to ask questions and the written information I received a great source for future reference."

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